Flooded Basement? Why You Need To Use A Professional Water Damage Repair Service

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Basement flooding can occur for a variety of reasons, including plumbing or drainage problems and weather-related causes. No matter the reason for the appearance of excess water in the basement, most homeowners understand that immediate attention is necessary to prevent further damage to the furnishings, surfaces, and structure of their home. 

If you have just discovered that your home's basement has flooded and you are trying to decide how to handle the problem, this information will help you understand the scope of the project and why utilizing a professional water damage cleaning and repair service is the best plan. 

Health and safety concerns

Homeowners who discover water creeping up their basement walls often forget that the potential for a health or safety hazard can exist. Water that backs up from the home's drain systems or is related to exterior flooding can contain bacteria capable of causing serious health risks. Most homeowners probably do not have access to the clothing and gear necessary to safely work in a flooded residential basement setting. 

In addition to the potential for bio-health hazards, basement flooding situations can also create the risk of electrical shock from flooded electrical circuits, appliances, and electronics. Before work can safely begin to remove the water from the basement and begin cleaning and repair, the power supply must be cut off. Without a source of power, homeowners cannot safely pump water from their flooded basement or operate fans or other equipment to begin the cleaning and repair process. 

Being proactive about mold

Another important reason why homeowners should always opt for professional water damage repair and cleanup services to deal with their flooded basement is to be proactive about harmful mold growth. While draining the water from the basement, drying the surfaces and restoring proper levels of humidity are crucial parts of the process. Further actions may be needed to ensure that mold growth does not occur in the months following the basement flooding event. 

Water damage repair and cleaning services utilize a number of tools and processes designed to prevent future mold growth after the damage has been repaired and the basement surfaces have been cleaned and restored. For example, special professional-grade products designed to deter mold growth may be applied to susceptible surfaces as part of the service. 

Homeowners who are facing a flooding basement problem will need to move quickly to get excess water removed and restore their homes. To learn more about what to expect from this process, homeowners should contact a water damage repair and cleaning service immediately upon discovering that their basement is flooding. They can provide more info.