3 Situations That Require Professional Carpet Cleaners

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Routine carpet cleaning can help keep your home's carpets in excellent condition, enhancing the appearance and health of your indoor space. While annual or bi-annual carpet cleanings can be a critical part of a long-term maintenance plan, certain situations may require immediate help. Knowing when to call in professionals can help you avoid creating long-term damage to your carpets.

While every situation is different, these three situations often require the immediate attention of professionals armed with heavy-duty carpet cleaning equipment.

1. You Discovered Mold In Your Home

While carpets can add warmth and comfort to a home, they're also great locations for mold growth. Moisture trapped in or below a carpet can promote mold inside the carpet fibers and on the surface below it. If you've recently discovered mold in your home or brought in contractors to perform mold remediation, you shouldn't ignore the potential for your carpets to harbor additional trouble.

Professionally cleaning your carpets will remove any existing mold. More importantly, carpet cleaning experts will ensure that your carpet is completely dry once they complete their work. This extra step ensures that your carpet won't be a source of mold in the future, allowing you to breathe easy and keep your carpets beautiful.

2. Parts of Your Home Flooded

Floodwaters can be damaging, no matter their source. Common causes of interior flooding in homes include everything from heavy rains to burst pipes. Soggy, wet carpets can pick up a variety of odors, become sources for mold, and continue to look dirty and unappealing well after you finish drying the rest of your home.

You won't always be able to save your carpets after a flood, but professional cleaners give you the best chance of salvaging what you can. Note that it's critical to let your cleaners know the source of your flood damage before they begin. While you can often clean carpets affected by clean water, you'll usually need to toss ones that come into contact with contaminated blackwater.

3. You Spilled a Lot of Food or Beverages

Significant food and drink spills can be shockingly damaging to a carpet. For example, dropping a platter full of food while you're entertaining guests can easily leave you with days of clean-up. If you've dropped a large quantity of food on your floor and the stains won't come out, it's best to contact a carpet cleaning company as soon as you can.

Remember that the longer you leave stains in your carpet, the more likely they will set or even begin to bleed into the padding or the floor. Professionals can get your carpet cleaned so you don't have to live with a constant reminder of an embarrassing spill.

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