Installing Panel Siding: A Complete Guide To Update Your Home With Modern Siding

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Installing new siding is a way to update your home from the outside and make it look more modern and cutting-edge. Updating your siding can increase curb appeal and add value to your home. Here are some of the things you should know about updating your home with new panel siding:

What Is Panel Siding?

Panel siding is a broad category of exterior cladding for buildings. It ranges from simple, inexpensive, and easy-to-install vinyl panels to costly but durable wood or fiber cement products.

Panel siding panels can be made of wood, vinyl, or a combination of both. Often, the panels interlock to create a uniform pattern. They have a tongue-and-groove design that allows the panels to be connected together for an airtight finish for the siding.

Panel siding is usually installed vertically, from top to bottom. Horizontal siding (sometimes called lap siding) is a special case; it overlaps, but horizontal panels of panel siding are not commonly used.

Advantages of Panel Siding

Panel siding is popular with homeowners because it's durable and low-maintenance. Panel siding is easy to install and comes in a variety of styles, colors, and textures. It's an economical choice for homeowners looking to replace old siding.

Many homeowners prefer composite or vinyl panel siding because it's one of the few siding options that won't grow mold or mildew. In addition, panel siding can be painted in any color, making it an ideal option for homeowners with distinctive tastes.

Panel siding also comes in wood, fiber cement, and vinyl. Fiber cement siding is stronger and more durable than vinyl, but vinyl is less expensive and easier to install. Panel siding also comes in a wide variety of styles, including vertical, horizontal, shakes, shingles, and panels.

Installing panel siding on your home requires less labor than installing other types of siding. Installing panel siding also is less expensive than installing other types of siding. Panel siding comes in a variety of styles and colors, so homeowners can find the right siding for their budget.

These are some of the benefits of using panel siding. It makes a good choice if you are renovating your home's exterior and are looking for modern options for a new look.

Installing the New Siding

Vinyl siding panels are attached directly to studs or to furring strips. Furring strips are thin, solid wood strips that run perpendicular to the studs. These strips are usually installed over structural sheathing or an existing siding finish. The panels are nailed to furring strips.

Insulated panels with foam backing can be installed to improve your home's insulation. This will improve the thermal barrier of exterior walls to make your home more energy-efficient. Another option is to use insulated sheathing beneath the furring strips before the siding is installed.

Panel siding can be an excellent choice for renovating the exterior of your home with a modern, cost-effective finish. Contact a siding installation contractor at a company like All Pro Exteriors to start planning your project.