Important Elements of a Good COVID Cleaning Protocol

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If someone in your home has had COVID-19, then it is a good idea to have a professional cleaning service come in and clean your space once they recover. This can help ensure all traces of the virus are removed from your home, minimizing your chances of infecting someone else. But what are the elements of a good COVID cleaning program? Take a look.

Surface Sanitization

The COVID-9 virus can live on surfaces, so you want to make sure your cleaners clean surfaces well. Ask them what products they use to clean surfaces. Some companies may use bleach, and others may use products that contain alcohol. Either option is effective against the virus. You want to make sure the cleaning company does not just clean surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom. They should be sanitizing surfaces in living rooms, bedrooms, and entryways, too.

Air Cleaning 

Since the COVID-19 virus can be dispersed in the air, you want to make sure the cleaning team addresses the air in your home, too. Some companies will bring in a special air cleaner and run it for a day or two to "purify" your home's air. Others will simply install a HEPA filter, or another high-quality air filter, in your existing HVAC system. Either approach is fine; you just want to make sure your cleaning company addresses air cleanliness.

Door Knob Sanitization

Door knobs are some of the dirtiest items in a home. The handles on refrigerators and other appliances are similarly known to be dirty. If COVID-19 has been through your home, there is a good chance the virus has been introduced to these surfaces through touch. So, any good COVID cleaning program should include the sanitization of these and other frequently touched handles and knobs.

Fabric Cleaning

Fabric items like curtains, chair covers, and blankets can become contaminated with the COVID-19 virus. As such, a cleaning company really should address these items when cleaning a home. They may bring in a steam cleaner to do the curtains, and they might transport some items to an off-site location for deeper cleaning.

It's never a bad idea to have professionals clean your home after someone comes down with COVID-19. Doing so can help remove the virus from the air, fabrics, and surfaces. Since COVID-19 spreads so easily, taking these steps can make a big difference as to whether your other family members become ill. You can also work with COVID cleaning services like SERVPRO OF BEND.