3 Types Of Property Damage That Can Lead To A Need For Commercial Water Damage Restoration

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Commercial property owners have to deal with a lot of stressful situations day-to-day. Water damage to their properties can be a devastating experience, but some property owners do not realize the situations that put them at risk. Complete building maintenance is important to reduce the chances of commercial property water damage. Sometimes weather events are the culprit for this type of damage. The following points identify issues that may contribute to a water damage catastrophe.

Windows and Door Damage

The windows in commercial buildings can serve as an entry point for moisture intrusion or rainwater. Older windows might not have a good seal, which can lead to moisture problems. If there is inclement weather, the precipitation may cause water damage. It does not take a lot of water to damage property and create a mold issue. Commercial property owners should repair cracked glass and get loose panes sealed or upgrade to a more secure type of glass. Commercial doors that do not have a tight seal are prone to allowing water from heavy rains to seep into buildings and cause water damage.

HVAC Damage

Many HVAC systems are on the rooftops of commercial properties. They may leak water and cause hidden water damage if there are repair issues. By the time the property owner realizes they have damage, it might be extensive. The best way to protect a property against water damage related to HVAC systems is to ensure the system gets serviced as recommended. 

Roof Damage

This type of damage may occur due to faulty HVAC systems leaking water and compromising roofing materials. Some materials are not moisture-resistant, and many commercial property owners do not seal their roofs to protect them against water damage. There are also property owners who do not get roof maintenance or inspections. This can lead to repair issues not being noted. A roofing system that is not properly maintained is likely to fail prematurely, and this might cause roof leaks and water damage. Clogged and damaged gutters can also cause water damage.

A commercial water damage restoration company is a good resource for property owners. They can assist with assessing the damage. The process usually begins with water mitigation, which is a process of retrieving salvageable items and goods and assessing and preventing further damage.

The restoration process consists of a variety of tasks such as using industrial fans to speed the drying process, wet vacuuming to suction water, removal and replacement of water-damaged building materials, mold remediation, and post-restoration mold testing. The company will explain what goes on in each phase and the estimated time it will take.

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