Marina Customization — Repair And Restoration Processes

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High winds could damage marina materials. The repair and restoration processes may require the use of custom materials. Use the tips below to plan how your marina will be modified.

The Inspection Of The Marina

A detailed inspection of the marina should be conducted first. A licensed marina contractor should conduct the inspection. Structural materials that comprise each boat slip, walkway, and building that are featured on your marina will be assessed.

If there are any fencing materials or gates that became damaged, the contractor will determine which materials will need to be replaced and which ones can be repaired. Your inspection report will provide you with baseline information that will help you launch the planning of the upgrades.

Original Designs

The original woodwork, masonry materials, and other components that were damaged can be replaced with materials that look and function similarly. You may choose to have the same design elements included in your repair and restoration plans.

If your marina was custom-designed when it was first built, the design elements that were used may have been a big influence on how many customers were attracted to your marina in the first place.

A marina contractor will calculate the number of materials that will be needed for the job. They will provide you with pricing for each upgrade that will be needed to repair and restore the marina.

If you have any pictures of how the marina looked before the damage occurred, they can be helpful when planning the project. The contractor can review the photos and use the layout of your marina to help them finalize the design plans that they will be following.

New Designs

If your marina is old and some of the design elements that were originally used are outdated, it is the perfect time to seek some new style elements. A marina contractor can guide you in choosing modern building materials, fixtures, and decorations that will improve the use value of your marina.

All of the materials that are going to be used to restore the marina must meet local guidelines. The contractor will ensure that the design plans are compliant with the region where your marina is located.

If you are going to have a lot of new details added to your marina, it may take a while for you and the contractor to plan the project. You may want to research various materials and design elements that will work well cohesively.

For more information about marine customization services, contact a local company.