Restore Structural Integrity: 4 Methods For Repairing Foundation Damage

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If you've discovered cracks in the foundation, or bowed walls, it's time to call a foundation contractor. These are signs that your foundation is damaged. Failing to repair the foundation could lead to structural damage to your home. Repairing a damaged foundation can be a costly and time-consuming process. But, a contractor can repair the damage and restore the structural integrity of your home. There are several methods your contractor can use to repair your foundation. If you're not sure about the repair options, read the list below. Here are four methods your contractor can use to repair your damaged foundation. 

Masonry Patches

If you found cracks in the concrete, but the foundation hasn't shifted, masonry patches can repair the damage. Masonry patches seal the cracks and repair the damage. Once the cracks are patched, sealant can be added to prevent further damage. This process allows you to repair the foundation and extend the life of your concrete. 

Slab Jacking

If your concrete is sinking, you need to take action right away. A sinking foundation can cause cracks and bowing to form in the walls. In fact, a sinking foundation can cause your home to collapse. Slab jacking involves the injection of a grout mixture under the sinking foundation. As the grout mixture gets injected, the foundation rises to restore the structural integrity of your home. 


If areas of your foundation are sinking, foam is another option available for repairs. One of the benefits of polyurethane foam is that it allows for rapid repairs to a sinking foundation. This process involves the injection of polyurethane foam under the concrete foundation. As the polyurethane foam gets injected, it expands to reverse the sunken areas of the concrete foundation. Polyurethane foam is a good option when foundation damage isn't widespread throughout the concrete. 


If foundation damage has caused a loss of structural integrity, your home could be at risk of collapse. If that's the case, it's time to talk to your contractor about pier repairs. Several types of piers can repair the foundation and restore the structural integrity of your home. Some of those pier types to choose from include steel, concrete, helical, and segmented piers. If your home is sloping, steel piers are the best option for foundation repairs. If you're dealing with soil issues, helical piers may be the best option to repair the damage to your home's foundation. 

For more info about foundation repair, contact a local company.